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*Tossing and turning in her sleep with increasing restlessness, suddenly awakens and sits bolt upright in bed, muffling a small shriek with her hand. Spends several long moments just huddling and staring into the dark, wishing Beiloune was there and trying to push away the dream, before she realizes that she's not going to be able to get back to sleep. Slowly gets out of bed--she left her gown with the innkeeper to launder, so she casts around until she finds her (seldom-used) travel cloak and puts it on over her shift. Has, as always, insisted on a private room of her own, so steals out the door without worrying about awakening anyone. Sneaks through the main receiving room where the innkeeper is snoring and out the front door, closing it behind her and leaning against it for a moment before wandering away a few steps. Looks up at the moon, clutching the cloak closer to her for comfort. It doesn't help.*

((Ari, you can decide whether they're in Madril or Rashelo or wherever.))
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ℐ have decided that I will absent myself from this Dramadramaduck community until this strange "virus" has passed--I will not lose my maidenly charms to such a thing. Ari and Rosalyn, you shall likewise absent yourselves. It would not do if I were to catch the virus should you contaminate yourselves.

Ari, you shall attend at once. There is a matter that I wish to discuss with you.
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*waiting inside the World Library, by the entrance* I do hope he isn't late...
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I believe I have figured out how to use the journal feature on this Gear-Box with help, since I will not waste my extra time on such a thing.

Our journey is progressing quiet smoothly, though we have had to post-pone it slightly as we search for my escorts. It is very dangerous for me to travel unguarded; I am not going to fight, after all.

In light of recent events in this device, however...

But to think someone would enter me, a princess, in such a competition without my permission! Once I discover their identity they will be delt the proper punishment. I am very much like a fragile flower, and me participating in such an obscene event is unthinkable! Very unfit for a princess, no less! I refuse to take part.

On another matter, however, I have spent some time browsing through this 'internet'. It seems it can be very informative, but I have discovered something very unsightly.

There are numerous pictures of Servant Ari doing completely immoral things with that shadow of his and a man with mascara! I cannot believe such things but the numbers of these photos are so great it is very hard not to believe so.

Ari!! You are to get yourself cleansed immediately; you cannot serve a princess after undergoing such deplorable acts!! But it is as I suspected; that shadow of yours has had your eyes on you... But to think you'd let him go through with them! You're very lucky that I have chosen not to inform your parents of your deeds!

This internet and shadow of his are corrupting his mind; I shall advise myself to turn off this device as even my pure mind may have it's limits in such a place.

~Princess Marlene


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