justalittledoll: (you won't like me when I'm angry)
Princess Marlene ([personal profile] justalittledoll) wrote2007-03-11 12:25 pm

[01] This community and discoveries

I believe I have figured out how to use the journal feature on this Gear-Box with help, since I will not waste my extra time on such a thing.

Our journey is progressing quiet smoothly, though we have had to post-pone it slightly as we search for my escorts. It is very dangerous for me to travel unguarded; I am not going to fight, after all.

In light of recent events in this device, however...

But to think someone would enter me, a princess, in such a competition without my permission! Once I discover their identity they will be delt the proper punishment. I am very much like a fragile flower, and me participating in such an obscene event is unthinkable! Very unfit for a princess, no less! I refuse to take part.

On another matter, however, I have spent some time browsing through this 'internet'. It seems it can be very informative, but I have discovered something very unsightly.

There are numerous pictures of Servant Ari doing completely immoral things with that shadow of his and a man with mascara! I cannot believe such things but the numbers of these photos are so great it is very hard not to believe so.

Ari!! You are to get yourself cleansed immediately; you cannot serve a princess after undergoing such deplorable acts!! But it is as I suspected; that shadow of yours has had your eyes on you... But to think you'd let him go through with them! You're very lucky that I have chosen not to inform your parents of your deeds!

This internet and shadow of his are corrupting his mind; I shall advise myself to turn off this device as even my pure mind may have it's limits in such a place.

~Princess Marlene